About F+

Every morning presents itself as an opportunity to reshape the world we live in for the better. We are committed to our customers’ success by providing high-quality, value-added products, services, and solutions safely and with integrity.

At F+ Healthcare, we are committed to helping pharma and biotech companies build businesses that can meet the evolving demands of the industry and create a healthier and better future for the world.


We possess industry-leading expertise in manufacturing and supplying equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our team of experienced professionals, help you and your business to identify your needs with precision and then ensure that those needs are met so that your operations can deal with the challenges of this ever-evolving industry. For the past several years, we have helped pharma businesses in the developing economies of the world to establish processes that enabled them to compete in the global arena.


The world is changing faster than ever before, and your business needs to be adaptable to handle the emerging challenges and make the most of the new opportunities. Despite the global demands for medicines and vaccines, the global pharmaceutical business found it hard to meet those demands. This made the fight against the pandemic a lot tougher. To meet such challenges in the future, pharma businesses not only need to be innovative but also adapt their processes to the changing environment

At F+ Healthcare we help you to develop and implement processes for your business that help you to quickly adapt to the needs of the industry. By using cutting-edge technology and innovative operational designs, we enable you to make significant changes to production as quickly as possible. We make this possible by delivering customized solutions for your business.

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While we are fortunate to have served some of the globally recognized organizations, we also take pride in the fact that we have enabled small and medium-scale businesses to reach their maximum potential.

Being a growing business in such a competitive industry comes with its own set of challenges. You have to identify growth opportunities, and then make sure that your business and its processes are capable of making the best of the opportunities. This is easier said than done. However, thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we deliver machines and technology that not only help you to meet the challenges but also make your business sustainable from a budgetary point of view.

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At F+ Healthcare, we not only manufacture and supply machines for pharmaceutical companies but we also offer end-to-end solutions. They are designed to meet the day-to-day operational needs as well as position you favorably for future growth prospects.

Project Feasibility

Feasibility studies are instrumental in understanding the operational capabilities and future growth prospects for your business. We can support you with a comprehensive feasibility study for your business ideas.

Concept and Basis of Design

We facilitate early coordination and communication between different levels. We also take care of conceptualization, layout, pre-construction design review, commissioning, validation as well as onsite inspection by regulatory authorities.

Technology Transfer

Formulation technology is the key asset of any pharma and biotech company. Our technology transfer offering covers three key areas – dossier purchase, full-cycle technology transfer, and stacked technology transfer.

Regulatory Support

Ensuring that your product and processes conform to the regulations across different geographies is a daunting task. Our team of regulatory experts can support you in multiple areas.

Staffing Solutions

F+ Healthcare will also help with proper talent acquisition at all levels of your organization. Ensuring that your employees have the right skillset would be instrumental for the success of your business.