Containment Solutions

Wherever there could be a need for containing environment, F+ can provide a customized solution. May it be a Sampling/Dispensing process or Sterile illing line with ISO Class 5 requirement.

With our varied capacity options, optimum space untilizing designs and add-ons that complement to easy processing of your potent products F+ can help you simply with such intricate tasks and provide high level of product, personal and environment protection.

Isolator Containment System

Special Features

  • Body, work area base and read panel fully manufactured from SS 316 complete with interlocked type ‘D’ transfer hatches
  • PLC/Manual Control system with differential pressure gauges
  • LED concealed light providing light intensity in excess of 400 Lux
  • Audible and visual alarm with clear and informative display

If there is ever a requirement of a containing environment, F+ Healthcare has a range of containment solutions in pharma that are customised for these problems. Ranging from a sampling or dispensing system to the sterile filling line with ISO Class 5 requirements, we have it all. With the varied availability of options, optimum space utilizing designs of the containment solutions and add-ons that supplement to clean processing of your amazing merchandise, F+ Healthcare helps you do even the trickiest of tasks and duties with ease and offer a high level of product, personal and environmental safety.

As leading isolator manufacturers in the pharma industry, F+ Healthcare has the best isolator containment system that is designed to keep all the harmful drugs and particles out of human contact and touch. Containment is paramount inside the manufacturing of oral solid dosage because of the variety of possible regions of contamination, for instance: the exposure of the working group of workers, the production area and surroundings because of leakage as well as insufficient cleaning which can result in crucial effects. For these reasons, you can always rely on our containment solutions in pharma and be assured that the job will be done.

We know that for most pharmaceutical-based companies, it is very important to ensure they have access to the best containment system. Being one of the top containment manufacturers in India, we can assure you that if you invest in us, it will also be sustainable for you in the long run. 

We try to ensure that when we build such a system, it consists of the best parts, and we source from our abroad partners. The only thing that you need to do is get in touch with us and order your system. We can vouch for the fact that the usability of the containment system from F Plus Healthcare Technologies LLP is far-fetched and the way it can assist you is par excellence. Whenever you find a major need to contain the environment, this is the ultimate instrument you need to use. Not only that, we have tried to use optimum space so that it does not become a burden for you. 

Being the best containment systems manufacturer in India, we also have enough accreditations to prove and offer you the best ROI.