Granulation Equipment

Granulation is a process of producing granules generally. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, granulation process implies the techniques that are, used to combine powdered particles to form relatively bigger ones called granules. This process is used for commercial production of tablets.

The granulation process allows particles to stick together more firmly. It increases the particle size of the constituents used, which are mostly very fine powders. The greater the particle size of a constituent, greater will be its compressive or binding ability.

Rapid Mixer Granulator

• Uniform Granules by Gentle Processing
• Uniform Mixing And Granulation
• Fully Automatic Operation Based On PLC Control
• Better Productivity And Lesser Mixing Time
• Less Handling, More Hygienic
• Bowl Shape Design To Have No Dead Spaces
• CGMP Model

Fluid Bed Dryer

• cGMP Model
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Three Stage Filtration
• Precise Temperature Control
• PLC controlled Operation
• Explosion Relief Flap
• Minimum Change Overtime
• Intelligent process control & safety interlocks

Fluid Bed Processor

• Reduced investment
• Easy / fast change over
• Reduced downtime
• Flexible concept for Drying, Granulation & Coating
• High productivity
• Creates granules ideal for tableting
• Less exposure of the product to the environment

Vibro Sifter

• cGMP Model
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Multi Deck Unit
• Easy to dismantle for Cleaning Screen
• Noiseless Operation
• Less Power Consumption
• Dust Free Arrangement


• All contact parts SS 316
• Easily and quickly dismantled for cleaning
• Machine is designed for continuous operation
• Castors are provided for mobility of the machine.
• Safe earthing system
• Higher output with process uniformity.
• Wide range of SS perforated screens available.
• Direction of blade rotation reversible.

Lifting and Tilting Device

• cGMP Model
• All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304
• Unloaded material with inline process with cone mill, granulator and IBC for dust free process
• Fully automatic system, with hydraulic lifting and tilting arrangement for quick and easy handling
• Pneumatically operated ON/ OFF valve at bottom
• Less Operation time
• Flameproof construction can be provided on request

Conta Blender

• The container locking arm has a proximity switch which prevents the drive to run unless the locking arm is proper locked
• Entire working area of the blender is protected by a railing if the railing fencing is made to open the drive will stop immediately
• If container is not placed properly in the fork arm than system will not allow the blender to start
• After shutdown and resumption of power the blender will run only for the remaining time and not total time
• Brake motor arrangement for smooth operation

Lifting and Positioning Device

• cGMP Model
• Closed column construction with floor and ceiling fastening, pivoted execution
• Stainless steel 304 clad MS column / SS column
• Adjustable mount stop
• Flameproof construction can be provided on request

Auto Coater

• Stainless Steel Construction
• Automated process to maintain uniformity of coating.
• Precise Temperature Control
• PLC controlled Operation
• Minimum Change Overtime
• Intelligent process control & safety interlocks
• Pan cabinet is absolutely air tight and ensures no pollution in production environment

Intermediate Bulk Container

• MOC SS 316
• Bin Along with Mobile Trolley
• SS Diaphragm valve at bottom
• Vent Filter provision

Granulation is a system of manufacturing granules normally. In the pharmaceutical industry, the granulation process implies the strategies that are used to combine powdered particles of a medicine or drug to create and shape into a granule of tablet or pill. These tablets or pills are called granules and the process is used for the commercial production of capsules. There are two types of granulation processes – wet granulation and dry granulation. In the wet granulation process, there is a usage of liquid or adhesives to bind together the different powder particles. This process also does not depend on any compressive forces to form granules. On the other hand, the dry granulation process does not require any liquid solution or adhesive because some products could be sensitive to moisture and heat, hence they are required to stay dry. For this process, granules need to be compact and have a good density.

The granulation machine for pharmaceuticals allows particles to stock together collectively and more firmly. The granulation equipment also helps in increasing the particle length of the components used, which are ordinarily very fine powders. The bigger the size of the particle, the more will be its compressive or binding potential.

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