Parenteral Packaging

Parenteral packaging is a method that allows the medicine or other fluid to keep its potency and therapeutic effectiveness intact throughout the shelf life or till the time the drug is administered.

Effective packaging in parenteral is required to protect the drugs from contamination and aseptic administration to the patient. Prefilled syringes and cartridges are certain novel innovations in the field of parenteral packaging, which favors minimization of drug administration, apart from conventional parenteral packaging solutions such as vials and ampoules.

Rubber Enclosures

• Free of latex
• Multi-piercing vial
• Pre-sterilized

Aluminium Seals (Flip Top)

Available in sizes:
• 13 mm
• 20 mm
• 28 mm
• 32 mm

Aluminium Seals (Center Tear Off)

Available in sizes:
• 13 mm
• 20 mm

Aluminium Seals (Printed)

Available options:
• Aluminium Printed Seals
• Flip Printed Seals
• Aluminium and plastic color combinations

Euro Head Caps

• Suitable for I.V Infusion Solutions
• Leakage free & Ready to use


• Form B
• Form C
• Form D

Capacity: 1 to 30 ml

Tubular Vials

Designed For A Variety Of Applications
Clear & Amber colored bottles

Glass Vials:
• Crimp and screw neck

Capacity: 1 to 150 ml

Cartridges & Sterile Solutions

• Accurate Dosing
• Low Residual Volumes

Capacity: 1.5 to 5 ml