The Ultimate Guide To The Cleanroom Technology

The Ultimate Guide To The Cleanroom Technology

What is a cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are basically the rooms that have a controlled environment where sensitive products are manufactured. Mostly found in the pharmaceutical industry, it is extremely critical to keep the environment of these rooms in check in terms of maintaining a particular limit of concentration of airborne particles in the room. It is truly a process of maximum control to eliminate in the minutest of sub-micron contaminants from the room that are airborne. The contaminants in any room are brought in by people, processes, facilities and pieces of equipment. When it comes to the cleanrooms of the pharmaceutical industry, they must be cleaned and sanitized continuously to eradicate any chance of contamination in the air of the room. The process of cleaning is an extremely long and lengthy one, and hence, it is vital to evaluate the levels and standards of cleaning as per which the contaminants are taken out of the room. This is exactly why the cleanroom equipment manufacturers make sure to mention and manufacture the cleanrooms abiding by the stringent rules and procedures to prevent the contamination of the environment, viz a viz while the product is being manufactured in the cleanroom.

What is contamination?

Contamination of a room is a process in which different types of materials or substances soil the surfaces or air of an area. Contaminants are broadly classified into two categories – film type contaminants and particulates. As we have already mentioned, cleanrooms are essentially rooms where manufacturing processes are carried out. Now, the products that are manufactured are extremely classified and sensitive, making the contaminants produce a serious “killer defect” in a miniature circuit of production.

The film contaminants are of only 10 nm (nanometers) and can drastically reduce coating adhesion on a wafer or chip. On the other hand, the particulates are of 0.5 microns or larger. These are eradicated from the air and surfaces of any cleanroom when they are set to be cleaned.

How to control contamination in a cleanroom?

There is only one way to control contamination – it is to control the whole entire environment of the room. From the air-flow rates to the direction in which the air flows through, to the pressure, or temperature, the presence of humidity in the air, and even the specialised filtration of the air of the room – all these factors are tightly and strictly controlled. Even the sources of the contaminants of a cleanroom are controlled and eliminated at every chance, whenever possible. There is more to a clean room than just air filters. The cleanrooms are planned in a particular way by the cleanroom equipment manufacturers as they abide by a series of stringent protocols and methods to manufacture the cleanroom equipment. 


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