A Beginner’s Guide To The Auto Coater Machine

A Beginner’s Guide To The Auto Coater Machine

An auto coater is an equipment used to coat tablets and granules in the pharmaceutical industry with a thin film that could be a sugar film, an organic film, or even an aqueous coating. The auto coating machine is a piece of highly efficient equipment that provides the proper coating process for tablets and pills.

The tablet that has to be coated makes a perpetual and complex motion in an orbital movement. During this movement, the coater automatically sprays the coating material on the device, i.e. tablets, pills or granules, and then the hot filtered air is released in order to dry the applied coat immediately to form the thin layer of coating on the surface. This hot air penetrates through the tablet’s or pill’s core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers. This easy outflow of air has also allowed it to create and form a much more stable and smooth film coating surface on the tablet.

There are many salient features of Auto Coating Equipment. Let us discuss them at length – 

  • Has a closed process – The closed process of coating the tablets, pills, or granules ensures that there is no dust percolating into the coating zone. This automated process helps the coated material by staying uncontaminated throughout as the coating film is immediately set to dry, without any further delay
  • Provides a high production rate – It is fair to say that the auto coater machine can coat multiple devices over a short span of time. The high degree of automation allows the same machine to be equipped with high atomizing and flexible spray guns that speed up the entire coating process.
  • Reduces the weight of the final product – The other coating machines are not equipped to apply a very thin layer of coating. The auto coater equipment, however, applies a super thin layer of coating that, in turn, reduces the weight of the medicine or pill.
  • It is very flexible equipment – The spraying nodules are super flexible as they can spray over all the different angles and sides of the tablet, pill or granule if need be. It could be as per the requirement that the equipment is flexible enough to do the same.
  • Very efficient dust collection system – The dust collection system of the auto coater equipment is very well-arranged as it comes with a scrubber, exhaust blower and a filter to let the exhaust air out.
  • Improves the taste of the medicines and drugs – The thin layer of coating helps in altering the taste of the medicines or pills as the sugar film coating makes them taste yummy and edible to consume.

These are the few features and benefits of using the auto coater equipment from the leading pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers in India, F+ Healthcare. You can also check out the Auto Coater equipment and other granulator machines for pharmaceuticals from our brand at http://fve.international/granulation-equipment/. Additionally, you can reach out to our sales team to know more about the auto coater equipment and other granulator machines for pharmaceuticals by filling out the form at the end of this page.

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