A Beginners Guide To Capsule Filling Machines

A Beginners Guide To Capsule Filling Machines

There are many different types of machines and pieces of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry. All these machines have different functions and aspects to execute according to their configuration. A capsule filling machine that is manufactured by the pharma equipment manufacturers in India, like us, is one such machinery that is an asset for many pharmaceutical companies. Capsule Filling Machines play an important role in the capsule filling process by making sure the dosage is precise and the same in every capsule.

Now let us talk about what capsule filling machines are all about. The capsule filling machines are a kind of equipment that are used to fill empty capsules with pharmaceutical medicines or ingredients. The process of filling capsules is called encapsulation. These capsule fillers are categorised into three variants depending upon their uses – manual capsule filling machines, semi-automatic capsule filling machines and automatic capsule filling machines. Manual and semi-automatic capsule filling machines are generally used for small-scale production and utilisation. These machines enable small scale companies, the R&D sector to fill the requisite dosage  On the other hand, automatic capsule filling machines are used in the pharmaceutical industries as they are highly efficient for large scale production.

The pharma manufacturers who manufacture the best Capsule Filling Machines in the market offer a variety depending upon the need of the capsule fillers in industries.

  1. Manual/Hand Operated Filling Machine – A manual capsule filler is mostly used at a small scale level in the industry where the amount of ingredient that needs to be filled in the capsule is not very specific and cannot be fiddled with. Also known as a hand-operated capsule filler, this machine has a bunch of excellent amenities and is reliable for producing multiple capsules as per the need and requirements of the user. 
  1. Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine – The semi auto capsule filling machines are a hybrid machine that is a mixture of a manual capsule filling machine and an automatic capsule filling machine. These machines are less likely to be dependent on an operator or manual labour. They are designed in such a manner that they meet the hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The user-friendly design and great features make it low maintenance and a long-lasting piece of equipment.
  1. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine – An automatic capsule machine is manufactured and designed to automatically fill up capsules with pharmaceutical powders and drugs. Since these are automatic capsule filling machines, there is no intervention of man during the entire process, except to start, stop and monitor the process. These types of equipment are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industries that engage in large-scale production.

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