An Introductory Guide To Granulation Equipments

An Introductory Guide To Granulation Equipments

What is Granulation?

Granulation is the process of enlargement of particles by the agglomeration technique in the pharmaceutical industry. As the name suggests, the granulation process also helps in the production of granules in general. In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the granulation process implies the techniques that are used to combine powdered particles to form larger ones that are called granules.

Why is there a need for a granulation process?

The granulation process is mostly used for producing tablets commercially as the process allows granules to stick together rather firmly. It also increases the particle size of the fine-powdered medicines that are used by the pharmaceutical industries. The reason they are granulated is that the larger the particle size of a constituent, the better will be the binding and compressive ability.

What does F+ Granulation Equipment do?

The granulation equipment helps in transforming fine powders into free-flowing and free of dust granules that are extremely easy to compress. However, granulations have several challenges owing to the requirement of the best quality of granules that are formed with the help of the process. The granules must be of high quality to be used in terms of content uniformity and other physicochemical properties like the granule size, bulk density, porosity, hardness, moisture content, compressive strength, etc; all of this together with the physical and chemical stability of the drug.

How many types of granulation processes are there?

The granulation process can be classified into two types – 

  • Wet granulation – As the name suggests, the wet granulation process uses a liquid to conduct the granulation process.
  • Dry granulation – On the other hand, the dry granulation process requires no liquid to conduct the process.

To decide which process to choose, there has to be an in-depth understanding of the physicochemical properties of the drug that has to be granulated. There also has to be knowledge of the excipients and what are the required flow and release properties. Several granulation technologies like roller compacting, spray drying, supercritical fluid, fluid bed granulation, etc have been successfully applied and used over the decades in the preparation of pharmaceutical dosages. However, the granulation technology continues to change and over the years have introduced various improvements, modifications and innovative technologies and techniques that have stayed available for the industry.

Technical and technological innovations that enhance and simplify current approaches should make contributions to stepped forward processability and exceptional of the product formulations similarly to an extensive effect on the product improvement, time and economy. The pharmaceutical granulation strategies and technology have stepped forward through the years. Nevertheless, efficient and cost-powerful production strategies have continually been the eager hobby of the pharmaceutical industries, which catapults the studies and improvement of recent and improved technologies by the interdisciplinary scientists of pharmaceutical groups globally. During the development of the components, each drug substance poses a unique challenge that has to be taken into consideration on the manner choice degree utilizing the method improvement scientists. Each method has its own merits and barriers, and the form of method and generation choice requires thorough information of physicochemical properties of the drug, excipients, required drift and launch homes, etc. In addition to the granulation strategies and technology itself.


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